Baiona, both a tourist destination and an active fishing port, is located in the south of the Rias Baixas region, and is protected from the open sea by a breathtakingly beautiful bay. Its geographical location offers natural, unsurpassable protection for fishing and leisure sailing vessels alike. The climate is characterized by mild temperatures throughout the year.

The town’s old quarter was declared an “Area of Historical and Artistic interest” by the Galician Regional Government on March 1, 1993, to mark the five hundredth anniversary of the arrival of The Pinta, a caravel-type vessel used by Christopher Columbus, which arrived in Baiona with news of the discovery of America (know more about Baiona)

Parador de Baiona is located in the Monte Real area, which is protected by the sea and separate from the rest of the town. Baiona is 20 km. from Vigo and 50 km. from Pontevedra.(know more about Parador de Baiona)


How to get to Baiona?

Baiona is one of the historic towns in Pontevedra, which is one of the four provinces forming the Autonomous Region of Galicia, in the North West of Spain. To find out how to get to Baiona, please see the list of transports:


Peinador Airport (Vigo): 20 minutes
Lavacolla Airport (Santiago): 1 hour
Alvedro Airport (A Coruña): 1 hour 45 minutes
Sa Carneiro Airport (Oporto) : 1 hour


Train Station in Vigo:
Information for Spain: 902 24 02 02
Internacional information: 902 24 34 02


Vigo bus station: 986 37 34 11
Buses from Vigo to Baiona: ATSA: 986 35 53 30